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Squad categorization is a part of every school that ensures each student who signs up, is able to develop his or her skills through adequate participation on a team commensurate with his or her skill level, and to compete in an appropriate league. House teachers build teams according to the school selection and composition guidelines. The four squads will be evenly divided based on the skill development of the members. There will be an equal number of contestants/ athletes [within one] on each squad and each squad will play as many equal contests as possible thereby unleashing their creative dexterity.

The word Alpha is the First letter in the Greek alphabets. Representing Sciences like Physics and Chemistry, Alpha stands for elements of the subject like that of the Alpha Radiation and of Alpha Particles. Being said so; Alpha symbolizes the nature color Green and has an impact on all living thereby bearing the sign of Prosperity. Like the mighty radiations, the Alphites travel through the long road of hard work and competence in enduring their mighty presence in every field of school activity and individual progress.

The word Beta is the Second letter in the Greek alphabets and is often associated with a wide range of applications. The term Beta is frequently used to denote a variable in Mathematics and is one of the mighty radiations in Physics - The Beta radiation. Following the color Red - the color of passion and blood, Betan`s voyage through the mighty barriers with utmost fortitude and aptitude continues to capture not only time but also every heart, mind and soul within the premises.

The word Gamma is the Third letter in the Greek alphabets. Being one of the prominent rays mentioned in Science, the Gammans are filled with soaring level of energy that in time has proved to be imperishable. Accepting the color of purity - White to represent their team, with extreme sense of love and peace, they march forward as mighty warriors, flouting every hurdle with sincerity and competence.

The word Delta is the Fourth letter in the Greek alphabets. As mention in one of the Sciences - Physics, the Deltan`s exceedingly energetic release of enthusiasm and skills are stimulation in its own. Being the energizers, they are represented by the mighty water Blue color. Water being the inevitable part of existence, they tirelessly thump the beach floor, knocking down every barrier with their powerful waves, persistently gushing to the fore. With the color of Unity, they endeavor great ventures, moving every spirit with ardor.

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