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Our Promoters & Our Visionaries

As scrolled through the pages of Ayathan History, the School was founded in 1966 by Shri A Balagopal in memory of his beloved father Dr. Rao Sahib Ayathan Gopalan and hence derived the name ‘Dr. Ayathan Gopalan Memorial English Medium High School’. Shri A Balagopal was the youngest of the five children of the Dr. Ayathan Gopalan family clan. He was an ardent advocate and keen implementer of the literary movement in the Malabar area and the School was a product of one of such great efforts. The Parayanchery Sengupta Library was also the brain child of his vision, which is fading off due to absolute mismanagement by the people.

Shri A Balagopal’s exemplary emphasis on ‘Education for all’ was passed on to his family, who continues to hand over his baton from one generation to the next and carry on the flame of his vision. This indeed, has been the back bone in structuring the School to the way it is now. The legacy of Shri A Balagopal is the foundation on which the School has blossomed the way it is, today.

The Calicut Brahma Samaj & The Ayathan Family

The School was authorized to operate by The Calicut Brahma Samaj in its premises, which was founded by Shri A Balagopal’s father Dr. Ayathan Gopalan in 1898. Dr. Ayathan Gopalan was a pioneer in the field of social reformation and was a great contributor to the society. His contribution to the formation and establishment of the Government Mental Hospital in Kuthiravattom, Calicut is indisputable.

Dr. Ayathan Gopalan was succeeded by 5 children [4 boys and a girl], Shri. A Chandra Mohan, Dr. AB Das, Shri. A Devadutt, Shri. Sarojini Bhai and Shri A Balagopal [in chronological order]. The key attributes of the Brahma Samaj movement was indeed passed on to the future generations of the Ayathan family by Dr. Ayathan Gopalan, who was later succeeded by Dr. AB Das as the President of The Calicut Brahma Samaj. This tradition of carrying on the Brahma Samaj movement has been inculcated in the blood of every member of the Ayathan Family and in today’s form has Shri A Kabir Das [Grand Son of Dr. Ayathan Gopalan & Son of Dr. AB Das] as its President and A Prabha Kumar [Grand Son of Dr. Ayathan Gopalan & Son of Shri. A Balagopal] as its secretary.

The Managers

The first Manager of the School was Shri A Balagopal, who remained in position until 1990 and due to ill health was taken over by his wife Mrs. Anandalakshmi Balagopal [who was lovingly referred by the Students & Teachers as “Aunty”]. She was at the helm of the affairs of the School until she passed away in the year1997.

It was at this juncture, the managerial position was handed over to the eldest son of Shri A Balagopal, Shri A Sujanapal who was the one of the Chief Architects along with his brother, Shri A Prabha Kumar in gaining the ‘High School’ status from the Government of Kerala in 1999. This was a huge milestone in the history of the School and the start of a new journey to becoming one of the best Schools in Calicut. After the sad demise of Shri A Sujanapal, his son Shri Manugopal AK was appointed as the Manager to the School, who continues to work towards the fulfilment of his grandfather’s dream in making the School one of the best in the state of Kerala.

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