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General Rules And Regulations

It is imperative that all students and Parents comprehend the mentioned rules and regulations. It has to be understood that all students come under the School rules & regulations from the time the students enter the premises and depart the School.

• School Diary

Every student should bring the School diary daily. If a student loses the diary, he / she will be subjected to disciplinary action. A new diary will have to be purchased without any lapse of time.

• Classroom rules and Conduct

• Ayathanites should behave in courteous manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the School is judged by their conduct.

• Students are not allowed to enter a classroom that does not belong to them. They are also to refrain from junior classes.

• Every student is expected to respect not only their Teacher s, but the other Teacher s, non – teaching staff and fellow students. Respecting their individuality and tastes in religion, attire, personal obsessions etc is a necessity and hence if found offensive, will be considered severe.

• Time constraints

Arrive on time – Every student is to be within the School premises by 9.15 AM. Students arriving past the mentioned time constraint will be considered as ‘Late Comers’.

• Uniform

Students must be clean and neatly dressed in the School uniform according to the rainy and summer season. School uniforms are to be worn at all times except when the class has games or PT. Students must look prim and proper at all times.

• Uniform Requirements - Boys - Hair should be cut short and must not touch the collar. No hair Gels and Spikes. Baggy, low waist or skinny trousers are not permitted. Earrings and other ornaments will not be tolerated.

• Uniform Requirements - Girls - Hair could be kept short. Long hair has to be parted and braided neatly. Small and simple earrings are permissible. Girls who follow Islam, must pin-up their ‘Mufta’ in a manner of grace.

• School and Personal Property

• Care must be given for all School property and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or benches or damage any School furniture, write or draw anything on the walls, smart class screens, boards or in anything belongings to others. Damage done even by accident, should be reported at once to the class Teacher or to the principal. A 15 day time period will be agreed upon for the compensation of the damaged.

• The School cannot hold itself responsible for any possessions lost. Parents are requested not to allow their children to bring expensive articles i.e. jewellery, money, etc to the School.

• Promotion and Withdrawal, Transfer Certificate

• Student’s performance in School, class and examinations would be the criterion based on which promotions are determined. A student, who fails two times in the same standard, will have to discontinue from the School. Re-examination will not be conducted for those refused of promotion.

• Students who withdraw from School Will Not be reimbursed with the fee amount credited. If a student has enrolled even for a day, is entitled to shell out the fee for the month.

• Leave Of Absence

Students are not permitted to leave the premises without the authorization of the Headmistress and the consent of their respective Class Teacher s. Any absence must be explained in the pages provided in this diary bearing the cause and initials of the Parents which would be acknowledged by the respective class Teacher . Students, who are unable to attend classes for a specific period, must provide a leave note by the parent or guardian specifying the cause for absence. Medical related leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate and a letter from the parent.

• Essential Participation in JRC, Scouts or Guides

Students are encouraged and are to necessarily be a part of any two of the above said organizations, within the School. Girls could be a part of JRC and Guides. Boys could choose between JRC and Scouts program.

• Note To Parents

Home and School; everyone shares the goal of helping children learn and feel successful. Extensive effort from both Teacher s and Parents to create a trusting and equitable relationship is essential for the growth of a child, Teacher and the School in itself. Rules are in place to ensure a smooth functioning and at the same time provide a safe and secure environment for learning. Hence we request an extended level of cooperation from the Parents. May we request you to kindly bear in mind the above mentioned and the following norms.

• To see to the essential disciplinary requirements stipulated by the School.

• Necessarily go through the pages of the School diary [especially the ‘communication with Parents’ pages] Daily.

• Parents are requested to carefully go through the circulars issued by the School from time to time, and take appropriate action.

• Attend to every any requests by the Teachers on behalf of the School.

• Pay the fees regularly on time and save the School from the unpleasant task of sending repeated reminders.

• Acknowledge by a sign and send any and every School related documents such as the progress cards, notification at the end of this diary pages etc. at the earliest causing no delay.

• Make certain that they periodically inspect the bags for any prohibited items and prevent the same from being brought to School.

• Without any delay, inform the School authorities of any changes in the address, contact number and other vital info promptly.

• Parents are requested to maintain a well-mannered method of communication while interacting with Teachers. However it has to be noted that Teachers are to be met in the presence and with the permission of the Headmistress or the Asst. Headmistress.

• Parents must refrain from the below mentioned

• Giving excess amount of cash to student. Limiting the amount to a maximum of Rs. 10/- is highly recommended.

• Entering classrooms without seeking prior permission and stating the cause for such entry.

• Applying leave during School days unless absolutely required to do so.

• Family Problems

It would be of assistance for the student if the School [Class Teacher or Headmistress] has been informed of any irregularities within the family which may include separations, divorce, disputes etc. Any and all such information would be handled with utmost confidentiality and extensive remedial measures would be taken to ensure a pleasant and joyful environment within the School premises.

• Tuitions and Extra Coaching Classes

The School as such does not offer private tuitions. However, for the benefit of the students such as better understanding, students who exhibit flaws in any subjects are given an opportunity to enrol themselves in the extra coaching classes held within the School premises after the School hours.

Suggestions & Recommendations

At Ayathan School, we believe that any and every suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticisms have contributed to our development. Hence Parents are encouraged to present their suggestions and recommendations through proper channels i.e. are put forward through the Parents’ Teachers’ Association [PTA] and are approved by the School Management. We look forward to your kind cooperation and coordination.

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