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Our People

Ayathan School has always taken great pride in having such dedicated and hardworking staff members on board. They have consistently proved over time, their worth and have not failed in any of the endeavors. With determination and urge to always go an extra mile to accomplish tasks faster, they have successfully brought a lot of fame to this School over the period of 48 years. At Ayathan School, every member contributes to each other’s growth. Their diligence and enthusiasm has set a benchmark, bearing in mind the humble motto “Education For All and To Love and Serve”.

Ayathan School Management

Mr. Manugopal AK       [Manager]
Mr. Dinu Krishna B      [Assistant Manager]

Ayathan School Authorities

Mrs. Divya MR              [Assistant Headmistress]

Ayathan School Teaching Staff

English Department

Mrs. Soumya P
Mrs. Kavitha Rejish
Mrs. Rakhee Sali
Mrs. Dizily K
Mrs. Sumangala Hermon

Social Department

Mrs. Ranjana PJ
Mrs. Sreelakshmi UK
Mrs. Rakhee Sali

IT Department

Mrs. Elizebeth Shine
Mrs. Priya O
Mrs. Shilpa CM
Mrs. Hrishitha PP


Mrs. Remadevi K
Mrs. Subitha CK
Mrs. Sreevidya K
Mrs. Marisha KC
Miss Prabisha MK
Mrs. Sajna S
Mrs. Renjusha P
Mrs. Sumangala Hermon

Malayalam Department

Mrs. Sheeba CV
Mrs. Divya MR
Mrs. Saritha P

Hindi Department

Mrs. Deepa MK
Mrs. Rakhee Sali

Science Department

Mrs. Latha C
Mrs. Anu KV
Mrs. Deepthi M

Maths Department

Mrs. Dhanya Appukuttan
Mrs. Shimi P
Mrs. Deepthi M
Mrs. Anitha VP


Mrs. Sajna S
Mrs. Reejisha M
Mrs. Renjusha P

Physical Education

Bhavani P

Ayathan School Non Teaching Staff

Human Resources Department

Mrs. Rajasree K
Mrs. Praseena TN

Administration Department

Mr. Vikas K
Mr. Libeesh CM
Mr. Henry William
Mr. Roshan Reginold
Mr. Jijesh KV

Accounts Department

Mrs. Sharmila VP
Mrs. Geema TG
Mrs. Jeshma KE

Support Staff

Mrs. Sheela P
Mrs. Suseela C
Mrs. Jayasree KK
Mrs. Khadeeja PM
Mrs. Sajna VP
Ms. Ruseela K
Mrs. Sherlina C
Mrs. Shyma NM

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