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Milestones & Achievements

Outstanding Scholars

In the year 1998, our first SSLC batch appeared for the examination with 3 students. Ever since, it has been a journey
worth all the efforts and enthusiasm exhibited by the Management, Teachers and Students.


Student with the Highest Mark for the Year

1997-98 Saritha Mary Alex
1998-99 Fasila Abdul Kadhar
1999-00 Bipindas Vijay
2000-01 Thushara S Nair
2001-02 Dinker
2002-03 Vydyanathan P
2003-04 Jithin G R

The education policy under the grading system was into put into practice from the academic year 2004 – 05 and in
spite of the changes; our students continue to excel inevery subject, creating milestones for the future generations
to achieve.


Complete A+ in all subjects

2004 -05 Binoy P, Emil C , Thanooj P K
2005-06 Sooraj M
2006-07 Amritha J Nair, Febin C & Deeraj L
2007-08 Abhijith K M , Anand J Nair , Akhil A Thanku & Febith Rizwan
2009-10 Goutham P Sathyapal & Sumitha M
2010-11 Adarsh Santhosh
2011-12 Athira. V, Vishnu. N, Nikhil. M
2012-13 Afreen Rahim, Shruthi K.M, and Krishna Preethi
2013 – 14 Sreeram CH, Bebetto Babulazar, Maniraj R, Nimin Kumar SK

Talent Exhibitors and Achievers – Sub District / District / State Level Kalolsavam

In the year 2010, Ayathan School began to exhibit a distinctive talent presentation that was started by Master
Goutham P Satyapal, by winning the III place and an A Grade at the Kerala School Kalolsavam. A few of our
outstanding performers are

Event Year   Name  Place  Place   Item 
Sub District-Kalolsavam 2007 Goutham P 1 A Classical Music
    Sooraj Naik 1 A Mimicry
    Ruby Parveen 1 A  Kavitha Rachana
    Sreeram CH  2 C   Light Music
     Athira D  2  A Kerala Nadanam
     Subin N  2  A Light Music
     Subin N  2  B Mono Act
     Agna  3  C Bharathnatyam
     Goutham P  3  A Classical Instruments - Violin
     Subin N  3  A Maapillappattu
  2009   Vyshnav Varma  1  A Chenda / Thayambaka
    Goutham P Sathyapal  1  C Classical Instruments - Violin
    Sreeram CH 2  C Malayalam Prasangam
  2011 Vismaya M 3  A Folk Dance
  2013 Sreeram CH 1  - Prasangam [Malayalam]
    Sreeram CH 1  - Prasangam [English]
    Kashyap Verma 1  - Chenda / Thayambaka
    Abhishek K 2  A Hindi Katha Rachana
  2014  Gladis R Therayil 1  A Maapilapattu
    Gladis R Therayil  2  A  Lalithagaanam
    Sreekanth CH 2  B  Sasthreeya Sangeetham
    Adhil Rehman 3  A Maapilapattu
Sub District-Sastrolsavam 2007 Bibin Raj 1  - Stuffed Toys
  2007  Swaroop P 2  - Quiz
    Akhil A Thangu 3  - Working Model Presentation
    Aravind KP 3  - Working Model Presentation
  2009 Sreeram CH 1  - Quiz
    Alviz John 1  - Work Experience - Electronics
    Ajay KP 2  - Plaster Of Paris Presentation
    Sreeram CH 2  - Quiz
    Sreeram CH 2 - Speech
    Hafsanz 3  - Social Workin Model Presentation
    Vrinda K 3  - Social Workin Model presentation
    Krishna 3  - Fruit Preservationn
    Goutham P 3  - Quiz
    Mohommad Illyas 3  - Web Designing
  2011 Syed Mohommad Hannan 1  - Multimedia Presentation
    Abhinav K 1  - Social Still Model Presentation
    Roshna V 1  - Social Still Model Presentation
    Srreram CH 2  - Elocution
    Srreram CH 3  - Project Presentation
  2013 Srreram CH 1 - Quiz
    Srreram CH 1  - Social Elocution
    Srreram CH 1  - Ramanujam Paper Presentation
    Abhilash ES 2  - Web Designing
  2014  Sanjay K 1  A Multimedia Presentation
    Naveen M 2  B Project Presentation
    Sreekanth CH 2  B Quiz
District-Kalolsavam 2009 Goutham P Sathyapal 1  A Classical Instruments - Violin
  2012  Sreeram CH 1 A Malayalam Elocution
    Vismaya M 3 A Folk Dance
District -Sastrolsavam  2006  Gulam Ahmed  1 - Plaster Of Paris Presentation
     Febiin C 1 Still Model Presentation
     Manomi S 3  B Other Charts Presentation
    Gayathri B 3  A Number Chart Presentation
State -Kalolsavam  2009   Goutham P Sathyapal 3  C Classical Instruments - Violin
  2013   Sreeram CH 1  A Prasangam [English]

Our students have also been busy contributing to the society and at the same time achieving greater heights at the
National Level in organizations such as the Scouts & Guides Association.

Scouts & Guides Association 2008 Abhijith K M Rashtrapathi Award
    Febith Rizwan Rashtrapathi Award
Scouts & Guides Association 2008  Alok Chand Rajya Puraskar
    Anand TY Rajya Puraskar
    Akhil A Thangu Rajya Puraskar
    Dijil Davis Rajya Puraskar
    Bibin Raj Rajya Puraskar
  2009  Ajay KP Rajya Puraskar
    Atul T Raj Rajya Puraskar
    Chris George Joshua Rajya Puraskar
    Abhishek Rajya Puraskar
  2012  Bebetto Babulazar Rajya Puraskar
    Abhilash ES Rajya Puraskar
    Nimin Kumar SK Rajya Puraskar
  2014  Sanjay K Rajya Puraskar
    Amal P Rajya Puraskar
    Yeshwanth KT Rajya Puraskar
    Naveen M Rajya Puraskar
    Abhishek Kumar Rajya Puraskar
    Avinash Shanker Rajya Puraskar

Private Organizations such as Holy Faith have been industrious in providing scholarships to students at the National
Level. Our Students have excelled, in here too.

Holy Faith Talent Search Examination 2007 Adharsh Santosh 4th Rank
    Goutham P 5th Rank
    Bajio P Joy 9th Rank
    Haneesh Edavalath 11th Rank
  2008  Athul Raj 12th Rank
    Karthik C 15th Rank
    Archana A 17th Rank
    Archana A 18th Rank
  2009  Ardra Sivakumar 3rd Rank
    Adharsh MP 10th Rank
    Alwayn Hensely 11th Rank
    Vyshag BG 13th Rank
    Karthik KC 14th Rank
    Karthik MC 16th Rank
    Savya K 18th Rank

Apart from the above said, Ayathanites were / are encouraged to participate in various competitive programs, that
would not just add merits to the school, but also would enhance every participants cultural and athletic skills.

Event   Year   Name   Place   Item  
Sub District Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya Vedi  2006 Ganga M 1 Speech
    Henna Sulthana 3 Water Coloring
  2009 Sreeram CH 1 Malayalam Speech
    Sithara M 1 Katha Rachana
    Athira V 3 Naadan Paattu
    Anagha K 3 Naadan Paattu
    Monisha Manikandan 3 Naadan Paattu
    Kavya G 3 Naadan Paattu
Sub District-Aquatic Association Swimming Competition 2013 Anand Krishna 1 Swimming - Relay
    Abhinav P 1 Swimming - Relay
  2014 Arjun R Nair 2 Swimming - Butterfly Stroke
    Arjun R Nair 3 Swimming - Relay
    Syed Asaf 3 Swimming - Relay
    Nithin S Kumar 3 Swimming - Relay
    Joel Thomas 3 Swimming - Relay
District Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya Vedi 2009 Sreeram CH 2 Malayalam Speech
    Sithara M 2 Katha Rachana
District - Table Tennis Competition 2013 Rizwan Sheriff 1 Table Tennis
    Muhammad Bassim 1 Table Tennis
    Ananthuprasad 1 Table Tennis

Other Felicitations

Master Goutham P secured the prestigious USS Scholarship in the year 2008.

Master Sreeram CH and Master Adarsh Santosh were awarded with the prestigious ‘Inspire Award by the
Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi for their outstanding performances in the field of Science.

Master Sreeram CH was also received a cash award from the Mathrubhumi Seed and Coconut Development Board,
for winning the Elocution competition.

Our Teachers, too have been great accomplishers who have gone above and beyond the routine ‘Class Room
Teaching’, to achieving greater heights.

Mrs Jayanthi Ragavan, our former Headmistress was awarded the ‘Best Principal’ from amongst the Headmistresses
of Unaided Schools.

Mrs. Jesni Shefiq won the plaque for making the ‘Best Teaching Aid’

It has to be noted that Ayathan School has been continuously striving to ensure that the students develop, not only in
the field of Academics but also in the Arts and Cultural Fields, Sports and Technology Fields and the supreme of all
The Scouts and Guides.

Budding Talent

• Master Goutham P Satyapal did our school proud by finishing third, with A - Grade in the Kerala School Kalolsavam    held in 2009-10.

• Master Sreeram C H finished with A – Grade in the English & Malayalam elocution competitions in the Kozhikode     District Kalolsavam held in 2010 – 11.

• Master Sreeram C H & Master Adarsh Santosh was awarded the “Inspire Award” by the Department of Science &     Technology, New Delhi for their outstanding performances in the field of science.

Inspiring Performers

• In the Year 2008 two students Abhijith K M & Febith Rizwan has won the “Rashtrapathi Award” in Scouts, the highest    honor in Scouts for their outstanding performances. They have been an inspiration for the Scouts movement in this    school, thereby inspiring many to take up the challenge of joining Scouts. Many other students have won the    Rajyapuraskar Award for outstanding performances in Scouts.

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