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Student Teacher Relationship
Thursday, January 26th 2012

Every subject should be related to IT; a lot of situations can be explained without much strain for teachers and students in an IT based class room. All teachers without the discrimination of their subjects should be given training in the basics of computer application, to cite an example, In English course Book of 10th STD, a lesson “sunshine through rain” can be taught only with the help of IT. Just by seeing that film, learners can answer to all activities related to that lesson .If they are not provided the facility to watch the film, however the teacher explains, learners can not , understand ‘what is a long shot, mid shot or a close up .In Biology even some teachers think and teach that heart lies on the left side when we see heart’s position on the screen we know that only its end part projects to the left side and the other whole lies about in the middle.10th students have an English Song in their text book. They should hear it sung by the natives themselves. Only IT can do that .As a foreign language, a few teachers in English of our state can sing it successfully for their learners. More over, visual impact is so important that the learners could revive in their mind many things they see directly. A problem faced in the classes in the existing system is class management, more in language classes and especially in English. A teacher in English is advised to be lenient so that he/she can provide a friendly atmosphere in which the learners could use English; without fear. Malayalee students have certain obstacles that avoid them in the free use of English the most important one is, they think when they started to talk in English ,that these may be many grammar mistakes. Though they are taught about auxiliaries and verbs in class ,when they open the mouth they fumbles due to the hesitation as what they have to use ‘have’ or ‘has’ ‘do’ or ‘does’ like that. So they avoid using English with fear. So the teacher should wipe out such fears Teachers are in a dilemma. They have to choose anyone of the possible methods. 1) He/she should be strict teacher imposing punishments, so class will be quiet 2) Teacher should be providing a free atmosphere, but very difficult and strenuous to make the class quite. First one not advisable for human beings as they have also to grow mentally . Second one, as other teachers use punishment based methods ;learners consider a lenient teacher; a playful person, they are tempt to exploit the freedom, So chaos and disorder would be the result In the existing system, as learners have the opportunity to refer and research to make projects and assignments realm of their knowledge widens. In the previous system the, people who had completed even their masters degree were not able to handle their subjects in all dimensions. A post graduate in English could not draft a notice or a perfect letter. They might have knowledge about great writers and their works. Now, most of the high school students can prepare letters, posters or notice. They can face a gathering without much fear Now, the source of knowledge for the learners involves well equipped labs, libraries and teachers with wide knowledge. In previous classes a teacher could be a successful person if he/she had a guide in her hand. But now, a teacher should give enough guidance and instructions in preparing a project or seminar paper. Unfortunately a little teacher has such knowledge. A good teacher should be like a curious child who collects beads of various colours. Teachers every minute should be kept for gathering information of various types. In his class, teacher can link his subject to string together the beads of knowledge. So the children never feel monotony in his class; and could widen the horizon of knowledge without deliberate effort. How beautiful such a class will be! Without the escort of beating or bullying. When will our classes become free from third rate tortures? Teachers should know latest informations in the child psychology. The nature of children varies from generation to generation; the children of the last decades could adjust to a certain extent to the rough and painful realities of life. But nowadays, it seems that they easily become tired of harsh realities because they are pampered much in the nuclear family. So cram in knowledge along with painful methods may be uncommendable. Children are the valuable treasures of their parents and they are also teachers’.
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Friday, January 20th 2012

Student Teacher Relationship- The Student Teacher Relationship provides an important source to trust in a child’s life. A Student Teacher Relationship can have a significant influence on a child’s development. These important relationships are often the building in the early stages of a child’s life, and can continue to influence the student’s behavior in to adulthood. The teacher takes on a unique role to the child. They’re often the first adult, other than a parent or family member, who the child trusts and can open up to. Teachers often act as role models to their students, and children will commonly look to them for support or guidance. The Student Teacher Relationship can also have a great impact on a child’s life because of the encouragement that the teacher provides. Teachers can help children explore special interests or talents , which can have a great impact on their future development. Teachers hold great responsibility when it comes to their students because of the trust that children give them. It’s important for the teacher to have a sense of integrity within the student teacher relationship and to know their boundaries. The child may not have learned these boundaries from their parents, so it’s the teacher’s responsibility to set the standard. A teacher who’s very strict or fault – finding will have a much more negative impact on the child than a teacher who provides understanding and encouragement. Children often look to their teachers as role models, especially in the early stages of development. The positive qualities that a teacher demonstrates trough their own behavior can affect a child later in life. It’s not only a teacher’s actions that can influence a child, but also the way that they communicate and express themselves. Children are often sensitive tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions. The Student Teacher Relationship is primarily one of trust, guidance, and encouragement. Once a healthy student teacher relationship is formed, it can continue to influence the child in positive ways for years to come.
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